WATCH to avoid being 1 of the

countless women having

severe tears

for these silly reasons:

Watch to avoid being one of the countless women having

severe tears

for these silly reasons:


Must know information for anyone planning vaginal birth who wants to reduce their risk of severe tears by 64% without the awkward uncertainty of typical perineal massage instructions. 

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Is waiting until 34 weeks actually ideal??

What is the worst position?
Overcoming awkwardness


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This course will leave you laughing at the typical instructions available elsewhere 


Reach that reassuring point of confidence that your perineal massage is correct and worth the effort


By far the most thorough education available

Includes VIDEOS of real practice

Tailored for YOU

Understand the principles to individualise perineal massage for your unique needs 



by women and health professionals

This approach to perineal massage was a game changer for me. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

 Melissa Ambrosini

Kept us engaged (& for Ryan to stay engaged is really something haha)... Such valuable information. Worked incredibly well for my birth!!! I'll be recommending it to everyone 🙂

Abbey and Ryan Chapman

Perineal massage becomes accessible instead of awkward. 

Informative, light-hearted approach & great videos 

Danielle Gillham

So incredible to have him be able to support me with this in such an effective way. He is so confident with it now. I can just trust him and focus on relaxing. It’s also AMAZING for our communication together! It feels so effective and beneficial for our birth prep.”

Amanda Penisini

This course is going to make such a difference for women everywhere.

Fun & very informative at the same time.

Kate Hollitt

Valuable, well researched and fun guide which will enable women to reduce their risk of significant vaginal birth injury. Obviously a lot of experience in the field and passion about achieving good outcomes for women.

Dr Rob North - Obstetrician Gynaecologist

I wish I had this course when preparing for my birth! As a midwife, I'll be promoting it for sure. The videos were so practical and and I would feel confident practicing perineal massage after seeing it demonstrated

Bec Eadie - Midwife

A beautiful investment for pregnant women. I will be highly recommending it to all women within my care as a doula and student midwife.

 Emma-Kate White

Great analogies for reducing birth anxiety without sugar coating the statistics

Easy to access and listen to. Peaceful, yet direct. Not overwhelming

 Amanda Heritage

A fantastic course that I would recommend both to physio colleagues to improve their skills and to expectant women to build their confidence and reduce their risk of perineal tears.

Belinda Matthews

Didn't drag on with lots of wordy content like so many other courses. Very easy to watch, interesting & relevant.  

 Lizzie Eske

Great value. Great videos. Thank you! Loved all the tips.

Lauren Neil

Amazing content delivered in an easy to watch, easy to learn way

Laura Paterson

Delivered with professionalism, warmth & humour. A wise investment.

Zoe Mills

Clear, concise instructions

Janette O'Toole

 I've always found it so difficult to interpret diagrams on perineal massage and now I realise just how incorrect my partner and I were doing it during my own pregnancy! Plus (scarily), how well-intentioned but incorrect we are taught within my doula course

Emma-Kate White

In pregnancy I found typical perineal massage so uncomfortable and terrible but now I know why! Glad I’ve had this training to help my ladies (physiotherapy patients). They are loving this approach. 

 Camille Raines

It was like practice for reading her body language during birth and I knew which cues were more likely to help her relax

Iain Behr

It's really light hearted and easy going and funny. It made it a lot easier to digest and less awkward. He wasn’t super keen about the whole idea, but now it’s just easy.

Kirrilee Dickenson