Finding Perineal Massage Guides 

pregnant belly

Expecting a baby?

Keen to find help with perineal massage to minimise pelvic floor problems? Of course!

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teaching about the pelvic floor

Pelvic health worker?

Hoping to be listed as a guide so pregnant women can find your services? Of course!

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You want more help with perineal massage. Smart.

partner looking confused during perineal massage

Are we doing it right?

We want someone who knows what they're doing to show us how it should feel. Help!

Woman laughing at her inability to see past her belly

Am I doing it right?

Is my pelvic floor relaxing well? Am I on the right muscles? Can't see, don't know. Help!

cowry shell out of reach on a rainbow

Need it done for me

I can't reach, or prefer not to. My perineum might as well be over the rainbow. Help!

woman searching on her phone for an experience perineal massage guide

Choose your guide wisely

  • (If you are lucky enough to have options near you)
  • Most practitioners have very limited knowledge or experience in helping with this 
  • Ask your local pelvic floor physio to do the Perineal Massage with Confidence course!
How do I choose?

Lauren Willis

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

"I now having a better guide on how to do it more effectively and the goals we are trying to achieve! THANKYOU!"

“Great value professional development for women’s health physios."

"Great videos to show how it’s done! Loved all the tips along the way”


Mum. Student midwife. Doula in training.

"I personally got a lot out of the videos demonstrating exactly HOW to do perineal massage... I've always found it so difficult to interpret diagrams on perineal massage and now I realise just how poorly my partner and I were doing it during my own pregnancy. Plus (scarily), how well-intentioned but poorly we are taught within my doula course."

Who can you trust with your pelvis?

Unfortunately there's no recipe for this answer, and I have no way of ensuring that everyone listed on the directory is fantastic. So PLEASE make enquiries when booking:

  • Ask for recommendations from other pregnant women
  • More experience with internal assessments usually helps
  • What training/qualifications do they have for internal work? ...and more specifically, for pelvic floor management? For example, Drs and midwives can do internal examinations, but are not trained in pelvic floor management.
  • Experience with re-training dyssynergic defecation is a very good sign but not essential

Leave any appointment that doesn't feel 100% safe!

  • Professional & caring
  • Hygienic
  • The pace should feel fine for you
  • Consent is essential!
  • Nothing should feel sexualised
  • The process should make you feel more confident about what you need to do, or what you're already able to do. 
Take me to the list of guides

Only apply to be listed if:

  • You are a female health professional
  • You have completed the Perineal Massage with Confidence course
  • You regularly assess/manage pelvic floors via vaginal examinations for work
  • Are appropriately qualified to do such work e.g. pelvic floor physiotherapists
  • Have sufficient experience to be confident about feeling subtle changes in pelvic floor tone 

I'm eligible to apply!


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I've read the instructions so I'm ready to add myself to the list